Touring Different team is composed of freelance licensed tour guides who support tradition, local business and local culture and who proudly encourage sustainable tourism. In our opinion this kind of tourism is a way to see life: it is the concept of visiting a city and try to have a positive impact on its environment, its society and its economy. 

Venice welcomes between 20 million and 25 million visitors every year, but we all know how fragile the city is! That’s why we truly believe that sustainable tourism is the real key to visit our wonderful city!

our team

Our tours are organized by professional and experienced tour guides who decided to work together to support authentic and local Venice, the city where we live in and we truly love.

Since we are not part of a big multinational company, our walking tours have been entirely created by our tour guides and they are the result of our background and passion, not of a standard script.

We all live in Venice and we have a degrees in different disciplines (Art History, Foreign Languages and Cultures, Economics of Tourism) so each of us has different interests, different background studies and different guiding styles.
We think that a good tour guide is an ambassador for the city he or she works for! This is the reason why when you join one of our tours, you have to think about it as an artisanal product.

So what do we have in common? Of course the love for this amazing city and the willingness to share our passion with you!


our idea

We know plenty about Venice history, local culture and tradition and we are pleased to help you with any general or practical question you have regarding your stay in Venice.

We decided to become part of Touring Different team because we wanted to be able to offer to everybody the chance to attend a 5-stars tour, regardless the economical possibilities and this is the reason why we offer three different kind of tours: tip based free tours; paid group tours with specific topics; customized private tours.


our goals

  • Encourage sustainable tourism;
  • Support local business;
  • Promoting local traditions in Venice while nurturing cultural development.

We are working to perform these tasks by:

  • Encouraging active tourism;
  • Providing the highest quality tours;
  • Broadcasting of knowledge about Venice heritage

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Make sure you don’t miss the opportunity of joining one of our amazing tours, enjoying Venice like a local and discovering all its highlights and its hidden gems!